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Cosmin Moți became a folk hero after he switched from centre-back to goalkeeper during the game between Ludogorets and Steaua Bucuresti. 

When the game went to penalties, Cosmin saved two goals as his team eventually won the shoot-out against Steaua. Ludogorets will now play in the group stage of the Champions League for the first time in their history. (x)

(Source: uefadaily)


*me watching a football match*

watched whole 70 mins - nothing happened

went to pee - 3 goals, 4 yellow cards, 1 penalty, 1 red card

Ernst ist, dass der BVB eine Nachverpflichtung in Erwägung zieht. Das kann Kagawa sein. Oder jemand anders.

Thomas Hennecke/Twitter (via yes-09)